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Pro-XRP Lawyer Exposes Alarming Ripple Scam Threat on X

Pro-XRP Lawyer Exposes Alarming Ripple Scam Threat on X

Prominent advocate of digital assets and legal representative for XRP holders, John Deaton, has sounded an alarm about a potential scam involving Ripple on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter). In a recent announcement, Deaton issued a warning to the XRP community, urging them to exercise caution against misleading tweets that promise token giveaways in exchange for linking wallets on the advertised platform.

Deaton underscored the seriousness of the situation, firmly stating that these deceptive airdrop schemes should be treated with skepticism. “Never connect your wallet. Never trust offers of free cryptocurrency in exchange for actions; always assume it’s a fraudulent scheme,” he admonished. Deaton’s message serves as a timely reminder to the broader XRP and cryptocurrency community to remain vigilant against the persistent threat of online scams.

The Battle Against Bots

This incident marks not the first time Deaton has addressed crypto-related concerns within the community. Notably, he directly appealed to X’s proprietor, Elon Musk, to take decisive measures against the proliferation of scam bots.

The rise in illicit activities coincided with a significant milestone for XRP in mid-July, when it was officially classified as a non-security asset. This development triggered a surge in attempted scams, which proliferated alongside the increasing media coverage of the cryptocurrency sector, particularly within the X platform and related to XRP.

Nevertheless, to date, X’s management finds itself grappling with the challenge of bots. If Musk is genuinely committed to transforming the former Twitter into a more comprehensive platform beyond microblogging, he must make good on his promises from the previous year and address this issue decisively.

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