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Recap AMA Cryptoiz with Hashbank

Recap AMA Cryptoiz with Hashbank


Q1. Can you explain about HASHBANK ?

HASHBANk is a subsidiary of BITCASH Financial Group. BITCASH is a global technology-leading cryptocurrency perpetual contract trading platform. Founded in Silicon Valley, USA in November 2017, the comprehensive strength of the entire network ranks in the top 20. It is a technology company that creates personalized artificial intelligence for everyone, bringing a new community and virtual interactive experience to the world. The company’s mission is to let everyone have their own artificial intelligence to make life more efficient and interesting. HASHBANK is at the leading level of the entire network in digital options, contract products and other sectors, and has more than 20 users in countries and regions.

Q2. What license does HASHBANK currently have?

He has a license from the State of Colorado and a digital bank license issued by the Central Bank of the Kingdom of Tonga and an exchange license issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Q3. Please tell to our community HASHBANK Features and Advantages

1.Excellent technical team and powerful intelligent engine enable the HASHBANk platform to provide 24/7 transactions.

  1. USDT contract trading can flexibly adjust the leverage configuration, and the powerful double warehouse hedging mechanism will make your investment more valuable (currently supports up to 200 times leverage)
  2. The POS current real sense makes the capital flow to make big money, and the assets are not restricted to transfer in and out at any time.
  3. HASHBANK cycle contract will open the compensation field for users at 10-11 am and 20-21 pm Beijing time. After the end of the package, the HASHBANK exchange will pay users who trade BTC trading pairs 1:1 (the odds are 10% during the event, and the number of the first ten orders must be 1% of the available assets at the time)
  4. HASHBANK currently has about 200 landing operation center locations around the world
  5. The HASHBANK cycle contract has a node person system. Becoming a junior broker and inviting users to register for transactions can get up to 2.5% of the commission reward of the number of orders placed by the direct referrer!
  6. The HASHBANK exchange will release an airdrop reward of $10 worth of airdrops to users who register and pass their real names. At the same time, HASHBANK will have various challenges every month, and the community flow challenge will get a Porsche or Maserati with a market value of up to one million.
  7. HASHBANK’s professional customer service team is proficient in six languages, and it is worry-free for users to answer online 7X24.

Q4. How many trading pair currently on HASHBANK and will you add more in the future ?

HASHBANK currently has 20 trading pairs. In the future, it will increase the real circulation and valuable virtual digital currency.

Q5. Its our fund is safe on HASHBANKPlatform ?

HASHBANK’s three-year vigorous development is not only product positioning, but also outstanding technical team of HASHBANK. There have been coin theft incidents in major well-known exchanges. HASHBANK not only protects users’ assets, but also accepts users from all over the world. For recovery assistance, OK Exchange’s banned currency HASHBANK Exchange takes the lead in realizing assets for users on OK Exchange. At the same time, HASHBANK guarantees that if there is a loss of coins, the exchange will pay them 1:1. Our wallet has hot and cold interaction technology to ensure the technical safety of user assets. Among them, the China Guarantee Company, which has a background in a Chinese state-owned enterprise, provides a security guarantee for the withdrawal of funds from customers. China Guaranty Company

Q6. What is your target in 2020 ?

By the end of 2021, there will be more than 50 global roadshows, creating a HASHBANK enterprise landing user park, with more than 50,000 application companies, and achieving a usage flow of more than 10 million. It will become the world’s largest digital asset management trading platform. It will achieve an annual profit of more than 300 million US dollars.

“Thousand-person team leader plan”, in various countries around the world, establish branches and build paid 1,000-person team leaders to develop and maintain local community users.


Who is your target customers- professional traders or the one’s that are just getting started? Who can benefit the most from the tools that you are offering?

Users who are good at k-line and stock analysis will get more benefits

2. how about hashbank security?

HASHBAN has technologies that interact with hot and cold, as well as more talents in the Internet and blockchain industry. Each of them is an elite. HASHBANK guarantees that if there is a loss of coins, we will pay out one to one. User’s assets to avoid losses.

3. Assuming is a leading takeaway my question is, how will your team ensure that you will remain as a leading platform and ahead of your competitors?

We will not stop publicity, and support the International Health Association on a large scale, and share and support technical experience with global exchanges to spread digital currency to the world. Intensify research on artificial intelligence and achieve better results.

4. how about investor interest?

The interests of investors depend on the understanding and analysis of digital currencies. We have always put the interests of users in the first place. Currently, there is a fixed current schedule for users who are not good at analyzing the market, and it also brings a lot of benefits to users.

5. What does a new user need to know to take full advantage of the services that HASHBANK offers? What are the uses and advantages of this platform?

Our platform customer service will provide high-quality services, where all problems can be consulted and solved by customer service. We have a professional customer service team that will solve all the problems encountered by users. If transactions are conducted, there will be corresponding rules for users. Learn and understand.


Is your aim, to become the number one (leader) in the digital asset exchange platform? and if so what will you say is your biggest strength to achieve it?

We already have operation centers in various countries around the world, and each event will attract tens of thousands of users. The data is considerable. Of course, in addition to our strong operation centers in each country, it is our solution and attitude for users, no matter what At that time, we always put the user’s problem first to ensure that the user’s benefit is maximized. We accept every problem raised by all users, and every operation center will participate in the solution, accept more users’ suggestions, and solve all problems. For user problems, our technology is also very good. As mentioned earlier, our technology is the elite of the Internet and blockchain, so basically all problems can be solved and prevented.

what companies are you partnered with or seeking to partner with in future ?

We are currently focusing on domestic companies with relative interests and general promotion. Therefore, tens of millions of domestic users learn and trade. We already have a reputation. We plan to cooperate with FaceBook and Telegram in the future. They also have quite a few Of users, to promote in general. At the same time, it will support more technology companies and talents, and expand the strength of our team!

Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term.

We now have a lot of reward mechanisms for the recommendation system, among which there will be a steady stream of benefits released to users to our users. There are free airdrops, and recommenders can get more turnover rewards. Basically, there will be challenges every month. We release physical objects and cash to motivate users. Our model will basically not be exhausted. As long as users recommend, we will release the same rewards to recommenders. The more recommended, the more transaction flow, the more rewards! Target 70% of users worldwide use our products.

Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so with your project what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to develop here?

The questions raised by users are great. The large population of Southeast Asia also has higher potential. We will also promote the acceptance of advanced knowledge and culture to allow digital currency to circulate. Our first major direction is advertising and promotion, so that more Southeast Asia does not understand Customer use and promotion of our products!

What benefits do you have for long term holders of your token?

We will introduce more valuable tokens in the future, and we will also put relatively stable tokens on the exchange to avoid the serious situation of market changes that reduce user assets. The maximum user benefit has always been our goal, so I am choosing and We will also launch our own tokens for users to hold, which is relatively more stable than other tokens, gradually replacing USDT. We have a POS as long as we have enough assets, our interests will be maximized, and we will also ensure the safety of users’ funds. So far, there has not been a breakdown of hackers stealing money to prove that our technical team is strong. Let users feel at ease and rest assured!

The world’s excellent OK exchanges have problems that have caused users to worry. At this time, we not only monetize users on this exchange, but also help more OK users withdraw money, and our higher purchase prices attract more others. The support of well-known exchange users is not accidental, so our rise will be targeted by major exchanges. We will not give up because of the difficulties ahead, and will not ignore every user’s because of our own strength. Suggest. We will solve and deal with user problems more perfectly. This is not only our goal but also the meaning of our existence!

Finally, that hashbank will have a trading competition. In the near future, please look forward to it and pay attention to it.

Thank you very much for your support to the conference this time. I am also honored to face our users directly and hope that we can keep going. HASHBANK will become a shining star of the blockchain, and I hope to get everyone’s support!

Disclaimer : Every investment decision is in the hands of the reader. Study and analyze before buying and selling Crypto. is not responsible for profits and losses arising from investment decisions.

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